Fucking hell. I can't believe it. Just like that it's gone. I went all cash this morning but later in the day I almost bought some of this shit. Seemed like a bargain. Luckily I'm about to buy a house and imagined what my wife would say if I did that and lost our down payment. Crypto has made me expect the worst, and I'm grateful for that. RIP you crazy fucking over-leveraged piece of shit.

Mondrian rewrite


I've deployed an in-progress rewrite of Mondrian. It's not up to snuff yet so I'm not pushing or promoting it anywhere. But it's live now. I needed a release. Been keeping it to myself for too long.

It's actually already more useful than the last one: fewer bugs and more functionality.

Preschooler Secure Password Technique


Working in the Bitcoin industry for a while my standards for security have gotten pretty strict. I have been generating my passwords on a permanently offline device and transcribe them by hand into a note pad which I keep in an undisclosed location. I don't store them anywhere else and manually input them into my computer every time.

Lately as I read more on Wikileaks my trust even in completely open source password generators like apg is starting to vanish. Nobody can really be trusted. At least, nobody who is competent enough to take advantage of you. That's where my kid comes in. Lately I have been asking him to generate my passwords for me.

He just thinks it's a game, which it sort of is. Our usual ground rules are as follows:

  • Before we start I mix the magnets thoroughly by shaking them in a bag.
  • We never say the characters out loud as he is putting them on the fridge. This is slowing down his learning the alphabet, but security comes at a cost.
  • The window in the kitchen is covered with a blanket the entire time.
  • Obviously, after we're done we take the magnets off the fridge.

I dub this pspt - the Preschooler Secure Password Technique. As of now it's completely open source and the best part is, it's software free (hence, backdoor free).

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