How To Fix American Politics


I have some ideas which I think will fix America's political system and make it work better for everyone.

1. Compensate politicians like CEOs

Politicians have the management responsibility of a CEO but the salary of a low-level employee. In turn, they sell their influence to the highest bidder and earn most of their money through shady deal-making and IOUs they can cash in after they leave office. For some reason this is considered normal and okay...?

Gavin Newsom is the highest paid governor in America with a salary of $210,000. That is shit pay for running a giant state like California, even badly.

We should pay politicians based on their performance, and their pay ceiling should be in the millions. This kills three birds:

  1. reduces pressure to sell political influence (can't avoid this completely)
  2. keeps the fuckers busy with actual measurable objectives
  3. attracts smart, hard-working people to run for office
Their constituents should vote on what metrics they are evaluated on, such as homeless per capita, median income, etc.

2. Campaign contributions = Sponsorships

Should they still seek out bribes, politicians must wear NASCAR-style jackets when appearing in congress, embroidered with the logos of every company they took money from (patch size proportional to size of donation)

3. Term limits for Congress

If you grew up using a rotary phone you shouldn't be regulating crypto.

"Dream only a dream if work don't follow it"