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I spent a few hours writing some scrappy go code to run a blog on this website. I've also moved previously published shit into it.

What's been up?

Not a whole lot. Tried to buy a house in upstate NY but got shafted by the seller's agent. Started a rewrite of Mondrian but that won't see the light of day for a while. Working hard at Kraken. Enjoying the East Village.

Trading Notes - SPX Weeklies Edition


SPX stomach churner

I need to get this off my chest.

I've been having good success lately trading SPX FD's (faggots delights; weekly options). I buy them with as little time premium as possible and leverage the fuck out of the SPX. A 0.2% move equals 100% gains etc etc.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I made 100% in under an hour doing this. It fucking works. This morning I went for it again and it went beautifully and then I made two mistakes in a row and I knew they were both mistakes as I made them. So I am writing them down so I can hopefully avoid them in the future.

The setup

The setup is simple. In the first 10-15 minutes of trading, if the S&P is showing a clear direction one way or the other, just bet on it. Buy 10-20 SPX FDs. It's so simple it's retarded but the S&P tends to follow its initial trend throughout the day.

This morning

This morning I thought I saw this setup so I bought 16 SPXW170215C2340 for 1.70 at 9:55am or so. You can see the opening bell volume at 9:30 in pic related. After watching a mild but consistent climb for ~25 min, I went ahead and bought those calls. Then I walked to the studio.

On the way to the studio, I checked my phone and saw my calls went down to 1.10. I said fuck it, this is just a minor retracement and it will continue to keep going up. So it did. And then it fucking climbed until the calls were going for 5.0, 5.3, 5.5. I felt smug as fuck because I had just tripled my money right?

Well I was feeling greedy and waited to see if it kept climbing. This is when it settled out where I have the 5.5 label on my chart. I could have taken a $5,000 gain but I didn't because I thought the position still had some juice.

After it went sideways for about 15 minutes, I decided the move was over and I should take profits. I opened a sell, but it was a little greedy. I opened it at 5.50. I saw it go up to the point where 5.5 was the best ask. I was sitting there staring at my monitor watching the 5.5s get filled, and yet mine didn't. I was begging it "just go up a little bit more". That's when it started to crash (around 11:30).

I was cursing out this sell-off but it seemed completely rational that it would happen. After a move like that there's often a retracement about 30-50% back down. I waited to see if upward volume kicked back in after it seemed to bottom out and it fucking didn't. I was sure it would continue on the uptrend throughout the rest of the day, so I just opened a stop loss at 2.2 and told it to fuck off.

Well the stop loss gods fucked me and somehow it fucking filled. I never saw when because it was a split second when it hit 2.2 and came right back up to 2.6. So I got completely fucked out of my profits.

And then wouldn't you know it. It's back up now much higher than it went before, and I basically fucked myself out of 400% profits by staring at the chart and panicking like a little bitch. Had I just bought these and taken a nap for the rest of the day, I would have made 6-8 thousand dollars only having risked 2.5.


  1. 30-50% retracements after a move are normal. Ignore them unless it retraces more than 50%.
  2. Ideally take profit when the move has run out of steam (this would have been at 11:15 this morning), or sit through the inevitable profit-taking and wait for the move to resume. Don't fucking sell at the bottom of the profit-taking like a loser.

Feels bad

The hardest part of this for me is I already knew that the market moves in patterns like this. And yet I was too much of a pussy to just hold, and too much of a greedy cunt to take 200% profits when I had them. So both of these combined cucked me hard core. I should have made 200-400% here but I didn't. Hopefully I never make this mistake again.

Trading Notes - Feeling Better Edition


Trading Update

Feeling a lot more level headed and optimistic about trading. The mistakes I made in November forced me to think a lot more critically about what I'm doing, and I had a good month in December (+8k). January is looking to end up as good or better.

Most of the reason why is I've become more patient and less greedy. After November I just said "fuck it I'm opening these positions and not logging in to Fidelity until January". Worked out well.

I realized I needed to regulate my risk by setting a monthly goal and being consistent. I landed on the number of 3%. Every month I am trying to achieve a 3% gain on my trading account. I realized that that's still damn good - about 25% annualized. If I can do that steadily that would be beating the market 4 times over.

My main approach now is just sinking my cash into solid bullish stocks with good volatility (almost exclusively tech stocks) and selling OTM calls on them for the end of the month, always above my cost basis. It's a win-win. That fueled most of my gains last month and this month is looking the same so far.

On top of that, just to keep things exciting, I've been finding success with quick YOLO trades on SPX weeklies. These are awesome because I actually find them (so far) pretty easy to execute and they are extremely exciting to do. So far 3/3 of my attempts have ended up in gains. These are small positions but with big returns.

30% in 23 minutes
85% in 37 minutes

...and then I made about 10% yesterday but that was too unremarkable to even document. It's a very simple setup. When I see SPX start to move with relatively high volume in a clear direction, I buy faggots delights betting on that same direction and hold them for 20-30 minutes. The three times I've tried it so far, it has resulted in double digit gains. This is the first time I've ever had a "trading setup" so it's mostly an experiment.

Projects Update

But more valuable than the four grand I made doing those trades was the reinforcement and crystallization of the web project idea I had last Spring - a trader's diary website. I'm now 100% sure I want to pursue it. It will start off as a private tool for people to keep a trading log, and it will be the best trading log ever. It will be tuned to just that single use case - writing down trades, reasoning, and retrospective. It will analyze and visualize your activity/performance for you in a satisfying way, and make it very easy to input your trades (and import them from brokerage exports).

That's how it will be sold in the beginning. Then, once enough people are using it and it's stable, I will open it up and allow people to publish their logs and follow others, thus turning it into a network of sorts. Then there are many possibilities for improvement and interaction between users. Eventually it could be like a trader's public portfolio.

If it works out, it will replace peoples' spreadsheets and twitter accounts and whatever else people use to do this. And if it doesn't, at least I will have a tool that I like to use.

The name I had originally for it was But after talking to Mollie I realized that name is kind of corny and much better would be the name I'm currently using for my prototype options visualization tool: So I bought a new, much better domain for that site, I'm kind of amazed it was available.

So I will now have two projects: the trading log/trader network called, and Explain Options will sort of be like combined with There are two parts: an interactive & visual tutorial that explains options to a complete noob, and a calculator tool that visualizes all aspects of an options position.

The calculator is a full-screen tool consisting of visualizations like plus several others. It will have charts that visualize time decay, how that impacts the break-even point, etc. You will just input a position, and it will visually tell you exactly what you can expect out of it. Maybe it will eventually even do the opposite: draw a break-even line and have it tell you what to buy/sell.

The tutorial explains mostly how options and option pricing work. I'll cover Black-Scholes and IV and all of that. It will have React components scattered throughout the text like images in a book, but they will be interactive/animated to explain concepts like time decay. The tutorial will link to the calculator at various points and vice-versa, to tie the two together.

My hope is the calculator will out-do this POS and take its traffic. Judging by its Alexa ranking (391,000 global, 72,000 US) and Cryptowatch's (55,000 global, 29,000 US) I can probably pull that off in a year or two. My biggest competitor will be and I will never outrank them overall, but maybe for options-specific things.

There's also sites like and but those barely even register on Alexa. So we're probably talking like a couple thousand visits per day or less for them. It's hard not to notice how much all of these suck. They've probably been around for 15 years and haven't changed. I bet I can use my UI/UX skills to blow them out of the water and provide the best options tutorial and calculator on the web.

The tutorial is huge IMO, because when I was learning options I found it incredibly hard to find a good, easy to read source that walks you through it. There's plenty of blog articles, shitty youtube vidoes, and online forum posts. I ended up just reading a book, but that took a long time and did not benefit from rich visuals like a website can. It's surprising nobody is trying to fill this niche well because there's so many noobs on wsb asking "what's an option" "explain options to me". Hopefully I could capture traffic from search terms like "what are options", "options tutorial", "black scholes calculator", "implied volatility" etc. So the tutorial is basically the SEO funnel, and the calculator tool will be what keeps people coming back.

In terms of monetizing, maybe ads this time. Maybe something else. Who knows. I'm not worried so much about that part. The hard work will be establishing another high-traffic site.

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